“Citizen Capitalism offers fresh thinking at a critical point in our understanding of the effects of shareholder capitalism–from scholars who effectively bridge theory and the practical world of investment, markets, and citizen communities. This book offers an audacious plan on how to use the rules of capitalism to address inequality. I strongly recommend it.”

Judy Samuelson

Executive Director, Business & Society Program, The Aspen Institute

“This brave book, coming on the heels of the first author’s equally bold The Shareholder Value Myth, takes on an even bigger challenge. Its goal is to bring together civil engagement and corporate governance, free enterprise and cooperative participation, through the creation of a universal shareholder fund. Based on a mutual fund model, the proposal would broaden access, bend income distribution, and shift the leverage points in our political system away from oligarchic elites. Citizen capitalism will contribute to the debate about the responsibility of the corporation for contributing to the public good as well as private profit.”

Sidney Tarrow

Emeritus Professor of Government, Cornell University and author of Power in Movement

“This book offers a transformative plan to make corporate ownership and governance more inclusive. It attempts to harness corporate power and resources in the tackling of the challenges of poverty and empowerment. At the heart of the book is the relationship between corporations and society. Through their proposal, the authors strive for a synergic relationship benefiting society. With clinical precision and an extraordinary grasp of history, the book offers a brilliant diagnosis of critical issues facing the world in the field of corporate governance. This is an important  and valuable book. It reminds us that the only legitimate end of corporate governance is the well-being of society.”

Muna Ndulo

Professor of Law and Elizabeth and Arthur Reich Director of the Leo and Arvilla Berger International Legal Studies Program at Cornell Law School, and Director of the Institute for African Development at Cornell University